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Uganda NHLS Lab Strengthening Pilot

Beckman Coulter Life Science and The CARES Initiative to fight HIV/AIDS has partnered with the Uganda National Health Laboratory Service within the Ministry of Health based in Kampala Uganda. The partnership was formed to support a laboratory strengthening Pilot. The Pilot will run 12 months.

New WHO Guidelines for HIV

New World Health Organization guidelines seek to find and protect those at greatest risk of advanced HIV disease. Counting the number of CD4 cells in a patient’s blood is the only accurate way of monitoring how well their immune system is working and predicting the progression of HIV.

HIV Diagnosis Up To Four Times Faster

Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable can benefit from simple HIV test which monitors disease progression, enabling governments to deliver comprehensive treatment programs. Improving diagnostics in rural communities Prof Debbie Glencross is Director and Principle Pathologist.

Global Initiative in Support of the Fight Against HIV

The CARES initiative was launched and driven by a social and civic responsibility  to support the fight against HIV. Public and private partnerships are being explored to identify areas for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to contribute for the broader purpose.