Genomic Solutions

You recognize the incredible potential of the human genome, but you also know that exploiting that potential requires incredible effort in the lab. Our reagent portfolio is powered by Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) technology—widely known as the science behind AMPure XP—which uses SPRI paramagnetic beads to selectively bind nucleic acids by size. It’s ideal for nucleic acid extraction from cells, tissue, blood and even challenging formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.

You can use our chemistries with manual and/or fully automated methods on your choice of platforms, for optimum performance, flexibility and scalability. Review our selection guide for the complete portfolio of kits to support your sample prep workflows or contact our genomics proof of principle team. Additionally, by partnering with us as an OEM reagents supplier to develop your genomic assays, you’re committing to a solution that you and your customers can rely on.

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