Software Workflows

Seamlessly integrating with your Echo Liquid Handler applications, Echo 21CFR11 Compliance Manager (ECM) enables information technology teams to directly manage Echo Liquid Handler user, protocol, and log file access through Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Five levels of user permissions are supported controlling who can view, create, edit, approve, archive, and delete data. Using advanced checksum verification algorithms, the software detects any data tampering assuring data integrity and peace of mind.

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Webinar: How Acoustic Liquid Handling Can Improve your Bioassay Workflows

Iain Russell, Ph.D., Sr. Product Manager compares acoustic droplet ejection (ADE) technology to standard tip-based liquid handlers, and how ADE can reduce run-to-run variability through method standardization and also reduce analyst variability in biological assays.

Echo 21CFR11 Compliance Manager Specifications

Description Specifications

Operating system


Microsoft® Windows 10 64-bit (Windows 7 compatibility mode);

Windows.Net Framework 4.62 or greater

CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or later
Memory 4 GB or greater
Network connection 10/100/1000 BaseT (2 network connections are required) 
Network protocol TCP/IP
Hard drive 4 GB Free Space Available
Video resolution 1920 x 1080 recommended resolution (1440 x 900 minimum resolution)

Echo Applications

Echo Combination Screen, Echo Cherry Pick, Echo Plate Reformat,

Echo Combination Screen all 1.7 or later. All other Echo Apps N/A

SQL Server databases SQL Server 2016 SP1 Express, Standard or Enterprise versions or later
Echo Client Software 2.6 or later
Echo.Net Framework 1.7 or later